iPoet: interactive painting poetry creation with visual multimodal analysis

Published in Journal of Visualization, 2021

Abstract: Chinese painting poetry is an extraordinary aesthetic phenomenon in world art history. It is not only part of the paintings but also helps us to better understand the spiritual conception that the artists express. In this paper, we present an interactive visual system to enable ordinary users to compose customized painting poetry for ancient Chinese paintings, which contain three properties: (1) We employ object detection and image captioning to describe the scenery depicted in the painting. (2) We extend the modern color theory to analyze the underlying emotions of each painting. (3) We propose an interactive poetry generation method that takes the content description and the emotional expression to add the diversity of the poetry creation. Several visual components are carefully designed to visualize and contextualize the features in the painting. They effectively guide users to steer the creation of personalized painting poems. We conduct efficient case studies and user interviews to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.

Recommended citation: Yingchaojie Feng, Jiazhou Chen, Keyu Huang, Jason K. Wong, Hui Ye, Wei Zhang, Rongchen Zhu, Xiaonan Luo, Wei Chen. “iPoet: interactive painting poetry creation with visual multimodal analysis.” Journal of Visualization. 2021, 25: 671-685.